Ohi Content Rules and Guidelines

Last Updated Jan 10, 2018


We’ve made the following guidelines to help users have a positive experience and make Ohi a fun and safe place. Our rules are not about restricting anyone from being themselves, but to create a safe place that is a comfortable and fun experience everyone enjoys. So, if we ask you to put your shirt on, get out of bed, to turn the lights on, you’ll know why!

Also, we want you to know we have your back, and we have based these guidelines on real user feedback to help you put your best foot forward. So yes guys, we know you worked hard for that sweet bod, but the reality is most people are turned off as a first impression and will swipe left on you if you’ve got your shirt off!

Below are what we have laid out as our rules and guidelines to help you and everyone make great videos and know what is allowed or not allowed to share in your profile videos on Ohi. Remember these rules aren’t just here to protect our users, they are also here to give you the best shot at attracting that special someone!

Ohi Content Rules and Guidelines

  • We have a zero tolerance policy on nudity or pornography. If we find a user has attempted to show nudity or pornography, the user is banned on the spot. For life.
  • Please don’t use copyrighted material in your photos or videos if you don’t have permission to use it.
  • If you are outdoors, like at the park, the pool, or at the beach, then feel free to show off your bikinis and swimwear. Otherwise, if you’re indoors, please put on some appropriate clothing like if you were going out on a date. First impressions are everything...
  • So just to be clear, besides no nudity and pornography, no videos or pictures in just your underwear either. Guys, no shirtless selfie videos or photos—unless you’re outdoors. Ohi gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself for the first time in a way that is almost a face to face meeting, and you would never want to meet someone in just your underwear, or them in theirs. Studies also show that until someone lets you know they would like that, it is actually just a big turn off.
  • We understand, you love your kids, but if you aren’t in the video or photo with them, then they can’t be on Ohi.
  • Some drugs are legal, but we don’t know what is or isn’t in your location, so no videos or photos of any type of drug usage or abusive and obscene behavior.
  • We LOVE when your friends and family participate on Ohi with you. They are totally allowed to be in your videos and photos, but please include yourself where we can clearly see your face. People want to get to know you!
  • No “F” words. No derogatory terms in describing or addressing others. Remember, Ohi is a place that is meant for everyone, and gives you a chance to make a good first impression, so communicate in a way that says you care about and respect the person you are trying to meet!
  • With that in mind, keep swearing in general to a minimum, or none at all if you can. We want to keep Ohi a safe place, so if you swear excessively in your videos, we will ask you to re-record.
  • Don’t be intentionally or maliciously offensive, and absolutely no hate speech. Everyone has differing opinions, but let’s be honest, no one likes a jerk, so be kind and remember this is a place where we are trying to find and build real relationships, and not alienate others.
  • Racism, bigotry, and bullying are absolutely not tolerated on Ohi. We welcome everyone and we encourage everyone to get to know one another and have fun together. If you are just trying to be funny, awesome, but let’s not use speech that is at the expense of others.
  • No sexually explicit or vulgar language. What you do in private, or want to do, save it for when you are in private! This is an opportunity for a first impression, so make it your best!
  • No violence or abuse. We do not tolerant harming anyone while on Ohi, and that means yourself and others.
  • Turn on the lights! Seriously, Ohi is about video, and we all want to see you! If your videos are too dark, we will ask you to re-record. We recommend getting outside in the daylight too for better videos and to show more of who you are!
  • Check your audio. When you record a video, be sure to listen to it before saving it. We welcome ASL as well as videos that show instead of tell. However, if it is obvious you are trying to speak and the sound quality is bad or low and we are struggling to hear you, then we will probably ask you to re-record.
  • Ohi is currently an English only application. While we plan to support additional languages in the future, we ask that you record your videos in English for now.
  • Don’t Drive and Record!!!! Seriously, we love you and don’t want you or anyone to get hurt while using Ohi. We all have busy lives, but recording while driving is just not worth it. Even if you aren’t driving, please make sure your surroundings are safe for you and those around you.
  • No soliciting or advertising your business. Ohi is a dating app, not a bulletin board for hawking your wares! If you really want to advertise with Ohi, then contact us.
  • Don’t share your private contact information. If you share your phone number, address, email, social media, or other contact information in a video, we will ask you to re-record. Swipe right a bit and make a match, then if you choose to, feel free to share your contact information with whom you matched.
  • No watermarks or text overlaid on photos.
  • We pull your name from Facebook, but if the name displayed appears fake or could be offensive to the Ohi community, we will ask you to update it. We currently support English characters only at this time.
  • Photos or videos that don’t show anyone are not allowed unless it is obvious you are answering the question by showing instead of telling.

That is everything, so go have fun and find the love of your life! Contact Ohi Support any time if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help and hope you have a great experience on Ohi!

The Ohi Family